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My Excellent Adventures



I have met many interesting people on my travels, and have found that they often ask me to tell them about some of my other adventures.  As you know, I have a very quiet voice, and trying to talk loudly enough to be heard by a large group can make me rather tired. I wanted to keep telling everyone about my adventures, but I was beginning to find it too exhausting.  Then I had a brilliant idea. I decided to write my adventures down, and share them with everyone that I've met - and maybe even with some people I haven't met.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I have enjoyed experiencing them.

I have my own email address, so if you enjoy reading about my adventures, I'd love to hear from you.  I'll try to write back, but with all the traveling that I do, it may take a little while.  Please be patient with me. 

Your friend,


Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Chapter 2: Boston at Last

Chapter 3: A Capital Idea

Chapter 4: Oh Tokyo

Chapter 5: Las Vegas

Chapter 6: Vancouver

Chapter 7: London Calling  

Chapter 8: Miami Nice (coming soon)

Chapter 9: Homeward Bound (coming soon)

Chapter 10: (coming soon)

Chapter 11: Ottawa

Chapter 12: At the Zoo *** NEW ***