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Last updatedMarch 27, 2008

Most people are surprised to meet a traveling bear.  At least that is what they usually say when I introduce myself.  Humans may have very large brains, but there are still many things they don't know.  However almost all of them are adaptable, and once they get used to the idea of a story telling bear, they are quite interested in hearing about my adventures.  Unfortunately, I have a very quiet voice when I am speaking people language.  When I speak Bear language, I am much louder, but not many people understand Bear. To make matters worse, my Bear voice frightens the small children, and even some of the large adults.  Because it takes quite an effort for me to say people words clearly enough to be understood, the effort tires me out rather quickly.

It was my traveling companion who first suggested writing about my adventures, and placing the stories on the Internet.  I admit that I was skeptical at first.  Bears actually do know about the Internet, but they really don't use it all that often.  After all, there aren't many web sites that tell you where to catch the best fish and find wild berries - though I wouldn't be surprised if someone now shows me where I can find this important bear information.  Lately I've been finding all sorts of fascinating information on the Internet, including, as it turns out, stories about other traveling bears.  But more about that later. 

Eventually I agreed to try writing about my adventures, but I ran into a problem almost immediately.  I couldn't think of a name for my website.  Bears are rather direct, and my first suggestion was to simply call it "My Four and a Half Year Journey From a Small Bear School in Geneva to Become a World Traveling Bear, Overcoming Adversity and Airport Security Along the Way".  Although my traveling companion tried to be polite, the look on his face gave him away.  He couldn't quite suppress his "you must be mad" look, so I asked him what he thought I should call it.  He suggested we keep it simple.  I said that I thought I had been keeping it simple.  The "you must be mad" look returned, so I asked him again what he would recommend.  He thought for a moment, and then suggested "Bernard Bear's Excellent Adventures".  I liked it straight away, and so it was settled.  After that, writing the stories was easy, though as you can see, I do fall a bit behind at times. The main problem is that keyboards really aren't designed for bear's paws.  Still, I do my best.  After all, if I wrote too much, it wouldn't leave any time to actually have the adventures to write about.  That would rather miss the point, wouldn't it?

You can also follow my adventures on my blog at

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them. 

Your friend,


Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Chapter 2: Boston at Last

Chapter 3: A Capital Idea

Chapter 4: Oh Tokyo

Chapter 5: Las Vegas

Chapter 6: Vancouver

Chapter 7: London Calling  

Chapter 8: Miami Nice 

Chapter 9: Homeward Bound

Chapter 10: Swifter, Higher, Stronger  *** Worth a Look ***

Chapter 11: Ottawa

Chapter 12: At the Zoo

Chapter 13: Take Me Out to the Ball Game  

Chapter 14: Kobe

Chapter 15: Pioneer Life  

Chapter 16: The Birthday Party 

Chapter 20: If This is Tuesday... 

Chapter 22: Hong Kong *** Worth a Look ***

Chapter 23: New York, New York *** NEW ***

I mentioned earlier that I'd discovered other traveling bears.  It turns out there are other traveling bears, and even another traveling Bernard Bear. What are the chances of that?  I've enjoyed reading about these other adventures, and thought you might enjoy it to.  Here are some of my favorite links to other bear web sites.


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