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Las Vegas


After an enjoyable, but exhausting, week in Japan I was ready to head back to Stittsville for a good rest.Unfortunately my traveling companion had other plans.We had been home for less than a day, when we were back on an airplane.This time we were headed for Las Vegas, and I didnít know what to expect.


Since leaving Geneva, I have often thought about new places I would like to visit.Sometimes I have gone on the Internet to learn more about these places, but Las Vegas was never one of the places that really interested me.Bears are really not at all interested in gambling, and I had been told that Las Vegas was a place people went to gamble.So it was not one of the places that I was particularly interested in seeing.I even told my traveling companion that I was tired, and that I would rather spend a quiet week with my grade 3 friends in Stittsville.He thought about that for a minute, and then said ďnoĒ.He said that when I left Geneva I had told him I wanted to see all the interesting places in the world. He insisted that Las Vegas was a place that everyone should see, at least once.


As always, my traveling companion was right. Las Vegas is unlike any place I have ever seen, or even imagined.The strange thing is that at the same time, it is a bit like many places I have heard of. I know it sounds impossible, but you will see what I mean. In Las Vegas, you can do things that you never would have imagined possible. The first day I was there, I demonstrated how brave I was, by sitting inside a Lionís mouth.I didnít even shake a tiny bit.All the people watching were amazed, and cheered when I did that.I didnít want to disappoint them, so I didnít tell them it was just a statue of a Lion.At least Iím pretty certain it was just a statue!Now that I think about it, I did feel something hot when I was in his mouth. Hmmm, I wonderÖ


I mentioned that Las Vegas was a bit like many places that I have read about, and wanted to visit.I saw some really amazing things Ė things that really did not belong in the middle of a Nevada desert. I saw the canals of Venice, with couples being taken for romantic rides on gondolas.

I know what you are thinking.Venice is a long way from Las Vegas.I donít think I would have believed it either, if I had not seen it with my own eyes.That wasnít the only strange thing I saw.When I looked out the window of my hotel, I could see the Eiffel Tower.I know the Eiffel Tower is big, but it would have to be very, very, very big for me to see it from Las Vegas. When I was out for a walk, I even went past it, and the hotel beside it was called ďParisĒ.I though Paris was a city, not a hotel.It was all so strange that it made my poor little bear head hurt.†††

I wasnít certain that I liked having cities in the wrong place.That part of Las Vegas just seemed wrong.I am a bear who likes to travel, so I think that if you want to see a city you should travel to see it.Bringing the city to Las Vegas just isnít the same.There were some other things that I did like though.Iíve already mentioned the Lion, but I also found some amazing crystals that almost looked like they were from the movie Superman.They were so big that I couldnít even touch the top of them.I thought about breaking one off and taking it home, but then I realized that would be wrong.Besides, people were watching, and I didnít think they would be too happy with me if I did.It was fun to think about it just the same.



Before I knew it, my week in Las Vegas was over. I didnít really want to go there in the first place, but in the end I really enjoyed myself.It is a very strange place, but I agree with my traveling companion.It is one place that everyone should see.He said they should see it ďonceĒ, but I almost think I wouldnít mind going back again some time.We shall see.However, all that is far in the future.For now Iím looking forward to seeing my grade 3 friends again, so I can tell them all about my latest adventure.


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